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Beauty And The Beast – Music Video


Those are my exact thoughts as I am currently listening and watching at the music video for one of my most played song ever: Beauty And The Beast (the original version anyway).

In case you didn’t know, Beauty And The Beast is competing for the spot of my favorite Disney movie with Lilo And Stitch. But the soundtrack of BATB wins HANDS. DOWN.  (plus I’m kinda attached to this movie, it’s as old as I am, it came out in 1991 haha #BestYearEver)

So, to say that I have high expectations for this movie, is barely covering it, really.
Let me remind you, that not only is it a perfect movie about overcoming looks and opinions, but it also stars Emma Watson, and has the voice-over of Sir Ian McKellen, Ewan McGregor and Emma Thompson (just to name a few!).

Earlier this February, Disney released the new version of the title song Beauty And The Beast featuring Ariana Grande and John Legend. I was surprised at first, I admit. Mostly cause I was expecting more gargantuesque Ariana vocals. But I was surprised to have her stay calm and have her voice perfectly melt with John Legend’s ! Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE Ariana Grande, she’s absolutely one of my favorite vocalists of all time ! But I like this mellow side of her ! The amazing cover by two of the most talented artists of today prove that sometimes, the cover, while staying true to the original, can also sound refreshing.

Now let’s talk about the music video.

Disney released some exclusive footage of the famous ball scene.

I was in awe. Full admiration. It looks even better than I pictured it would be. Some references are placed here and there, like Ariana in a red dress and the dancers coming around her, forming an opening rose, all the sparkling lights, all the magic… It was like watching a dream on the big screen. Well, at least on my computer screen anyway haha.
I can’t wait to hear the whole soundtrack, see the movie…
And if my guessing that the movie will be as good as the pictures and footage in the music video, well then, you can definitely bet I’ll be seeing this movie more than once, in french, english, or every language I can see it in !

In the meantime, enjoy the music video ! I know I did ! 😉

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