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LINKIN PARK – HEAVY presentation + covers

Who hasn’t been waiting for new LP material ? I KNOW I WAS !

With all its latests releases, Linkin Park got to us and proved that not only can they change and evolve, but they can also be good at it !

Too many bands tend to change and lose themselves in the process, I’m glad Linkin Park didn’t.

They kind of paved the way for us when they outed their 2014 LP (see what I did there!) called The Hunting Party, hinting us toward a certain change and being inclined to use a bit more of pop/électro in their music, but it wasn’t till later when they collaborated with international DJ Steve Aoki on his track Darker Than Blood, that it came to full realization.

Heavy was released on February 16th, and with a sound that almost sounds light and soft, comes to sing about the heavy problems of life, beginning with a simple sentence that says it all « I don’t like my mind right now ».

I admit it, I was surprised too by their new sound. Come on, BRING BACK THE HEAVY GUITARS ! We miss songs like Bleed It Out, New Divide, Faint, Numb. BUT, with an open mind, I look at this song as just one song, not the entire album, and even though I had to listen to it a few times before really liking it the way I should like a Linkin Park song, it grew on me and is now on my everyday playlist ! Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll like it !

And if you REEAAAAALLLYYYY don’t like the new sound

Just in case you wanted something more ROCK, don’t hesitate to check the two covers below

First off, with all their covers and original material, they’ve conquered crowds all over the world

OUR LAST NIGHT – HEAVY (feat Living In Fiction)

And introducing promising french artist, don’t hesitate to go check his Facebook page and youtube channel,

ADRIEN BESSON – HEAVY (rock cover)


And just cause we like them still, here are LP and Kiiara introducing the new single on air on the Late Night Show With James Corden

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