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I’ve always been one to love finding new bands, new things in music, or simply that one tune that’ll send me somewhere else for the little while of it (aka the 3 minutes of the song most of the time).
And I’m glad I did find another new band to obsess over !

First time I discovered that band (thanks Spotify!), I remember that I was astonished by their sound.

It was fresh, it was new, it was GOOD.

Their EP  Nostalgia has been played in my car on repeat all last summer (even though it’s been out since 2015). And WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG ?

Signed to MDDN (the Madden Brothers label), they’ve manage to put out 2 EPs , a single, and a 3 songs single (about which I’m talking about just down there 👇 )


3 songs. Sometimes that’s all you need to have something solid to support you and your future endeavors.
If I fell in love with their retro-kinda style on their EP Nostalgia (whose name is legitimately used considering I felt I was having nostalgia for things I never did or never saw, yet, felt like remembering), they completely reinvented themselves and managed to keep their uniqueness at the same time.

Switching from 80’s guitar/The 1975- sound to now full r’n’b, AND STILL they’ve got my full undivided attention. R’N’B is something you wouldn’t expect a pop-rock band to go to when experimenting some things, but still. Even though they’re less present, the guitars are still roaring, but less in “fall in love with me” kinda way and a little more in a “let’s make love right here right now”.
The sax that made me fall in love with that band on their track “Vibes” is still there !
With lyrics clearly expressing the band’s desire for yours, you’ll get hypnotized by them, and you’ll start wondering “Where have they been all my life ?”

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that not only the Madden Bros have found yet another gem, but I can’t wait for them to fully polish it and have them on every radio airplay so everyone know how good they are !

Considering the single’s only 3 tracks, I thought I shouldn’t just put ONE stand out track when all three of them deserve a standing ovation (despite the lyrics going “Stay on the ground until your knees hurt”).
But still, if I had to choose one of the songs to be put on repeat for a whole day, I’d choose Right Here.
Again: THE SAX. Plus the high pitched notes in that chorus that make you want to praise the lord for giving them such good voices AND the killer rhythm that’ll either make you take your clothes off or simply close your eyes and take your miles away, EVERYTHING ADDS UP to a more than rememberable single !

And of course, we’ll be waiting for Part Two to be released sometime soon !

Here’s the official audio for Right Here

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