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YOU ME AT SIX – NIGHT PEOPLE: It’s what you want, it’s what you need !

I don’t think I could have said it better Rose !

It’s how I feel anyway. You Me At Six is possibly to me, one of the greatest bands ever. It’s one of the first bands that influenced me as an artist, one of the only people in the world who gets me. All sides of me. The romantic one, the angry one, the disgusted-by-how-people-are-sometimes side. All the sides of my personality, and that’s why, they’ve easily become one of the best bands in my life. (And it’s also one of the reasons why I’ve actually got a bit of You Me At Six inked in me as a tattoo, of their lyrics).

In 2014, You Me At Six put out their album Cavalier Youth and achieved the number one spot of the charts, well deserved.

But this album is now in the past, and they’ve moved on. And they let us know with a really fresh and new record coming as NIGHT PEOPLE.

Take us back a few months before. August. YouMe (as it’s often abbreviated amongst the fans) tease us a bit by leaking some photos and putting all together the same view of the moon logo they’ve chosen for what we hoped would be a new single. But it turned out to be better than that…


The first single cleared set the stepping stone to the new You Me At Six to-be, and it was a step that many embraced with open arms.

Of course there’ll always be people who are unhappy about the direction a band is taking, but it’s important to keep in mind that a band HAS to change if they want to renew their fanbase, and most importantly keep their old fans as well and give them something new instead of ALWAYS doing the same thing.

Anyway, Night People was thrown at us full speed, and it was honestly a song that I couldn’t stop listening on repeat for at least the week after it came out. Two lines are enough to stick in mind and have you humming the song ALL. DAY. LONG.

« It’s what you want, it’s what you need ». JOSH, man, you really know how to stick us one ! We wanted one and we needed one ! And you gave it to us ! #PunIntended


Following nearly two months later, the band released the powerful and energetic song Plus One, who not only motivates if you’re at the gym and need a soundtrack to help you go through your exercises, but also has that awesome rock’n’roll vibe that’ll make you want to pick up a guitar and learn how to play so you can rock out this song in your bedroom, or pick up your guitar if you already have one and know some basic music. I know that whenever I’m running on a treadmill (yeah it happens at least once a week), this track is a go-to !

Over the course of the two months preceding the release of NIGHT PEOPLE the album, 3 more singles came out.

Give who was bound to be one of my favorite track (cause it’s the final track and it’s a slow/powerful one), in November,  Swear who is yet another anthem for your workout routines or simply a bitchin’ anthem to sing out to your ex who hurt you (plus this track is already a crowd favorite cause it also makes you wanna jump even when you’re alone in your bedroom) and finally in December, Heavy Soul.

The album was released on the 6th of January 2017.

It achieved number one in the UK alternative charts, number 3 in the UK main charts, and got given an average of 8/10 by both Kerrang Magazine and Rocksound Magazine.

Of course, I instantly bought it the second it came out at midnight, and almost killed my computer, my iPod, my phone, anywhere I could have the album, I put the music on and was listening to it non-stop for at least a week.

Musically, this album adds the two things that I love the most: roaring guitars and killer tattoo-worthy lyrics.

It’s one of those album where almost every lyric is a line you wanna throw at someone’s face to let them know how you feel (and I basically feel like that for every You Me At Six track they’ve ever written).

One of my favorite line on the new album comes off the track Brand New where Josh sings « and if your past calls, don’t you pick it up, it’s got nothing new to say ».

Don’t get me started on the Take On The World track (mostly cause I’m gonna write about it just a few lines below) and obviously the lead single-title album song Night People.

All in all, whether you’re searching for an emotional song to sing to your loved one, a song that’ll make you want to bounce against the walls or simple good ol’ rock, this album WILL answer your expectations !


Take On The World

If ever I get married, this is one of the tracks I want my future husband to have his proposal on (cause yeah, I want to be proposed to haha).

But honestly, where to begin ?

I’m a sucker for any romantic song. That’s a fact. Also, it’s been a while since I heard a song that moved me THAT much and made me wanna cry cause it’s so beautiful. If you’re a romantic person and you have someone, this song will make you think of the other person, and if you’re romantic and don’t have anyone, it’ll make you long for the day you have someone to sing that song to. And if you simply aren’t the romantic type, this song will almost make you believe in love and wanna be romantic. THAT good yeah. The fact that Josh almost whispers the verses and shouts his love on the choruses will make you want to hug the band when they’re done playing the song. Cause this song could almost apply to both a loved one and the relation between the band and their fans.

And just for the sake of it, here’s my favorite part of the lyrics that I love

« And I am your future, I am your past, Never forget that we were built to last, Step out of the shadows and into my life, Silence the voices that haunt you inside »

Can’t Hold Back

This song, to me, almost sounds like a war declaration to someone you’re in a relationship with and that you know is cheating on you, or that is simply not treating you right. I personally relate to it and understand it that way (let me know in a comment if you do too!). What attracted me most at first was the little riff that goes on repeatedly throughout the song and is something that makes you move your head accordingly to it’s rhythm.

Spill It Out

This song will awake in you a dark side that you would never have thought existed. Not in a bad way, but more like, this song gives you the courage to stand up for you and would have KILLED IT in a Kill Bill movie where Black Mamba is about to kill one of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad member.

Slow start, they’re looking at each other.

Good build up where, in slow motion they’re coming at each other.

An angry middle eight that shows the battle between good and evil.

And finally a perfect finish with multiple vocals and a slow end that perfectly suits a battle scene when you finally see the winner through a slow fading mist. This is how I picture the song could be described. It literally gives me thrills just thinking about it ! With of course one of the coolest lyric of the album: « No one here is bulletproof ».


This is the perfect song to end the album with. I never would have thought it was possible to be able to describe the end of a relationship in such an emotional way, without being as bitter as you thought you’d be. Everyone knows that an ending is a sad thing, but it can also be the best thing cause it opens new doors and new ventures for you. The worst part in breaking up, is when you still think of that person and this song, in it’s slow tempo beginning with an acoustic guitar and electric guitar coming in with a ring that’ll make your insides tingle, was the best way to describe this feeling. « I’ve been wasting all these nights, trying to keep you off my mind ». Enough is said with that line, and I think the title GIVE refers to asking the other person to either give a little back, or simply asks the other person to give yourself back as to finding yourself again.

NIGHT PEOPLE is out, GO BUY IT ON ITUNES OR GRAB A PHYSICAL COPY (It’ll be worth the money don’t worry)




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