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“Dirty Laundry looks good on you”

Of course my first post had to be about them…

On the 17th of February 2017, All Time Low released Dirty Laundry. After nearly two years since Future Hearts came out (celebration in April people), All Time Low gave us new music !


The band had been quite cryptic regarding their whereabouts for the past few months (and god knows we love to follow alex’s and jack’s adventures on snapchat and we were all scooping for new hints or new music or a slip-up) but finally, after teasing us for a whole week, THEY DELIVERED !

Sometime during the week, we even got a hint (and I personally thought it was the title for the track haha) in the first line, saying « I don’t believe in saints ».

I admit, I’m usually one to speculate easily and imagine all sorts of things (not bragging online, but mostly fangirling to my friends about it) and I was VERY happy to wake up on friday morning to my friends’ texts saying the new All Time Low song was online !

First thing I did: not even listening to it, I directly went on iTunes on my phone and searched like a thirsty man searched water, bought the song, and drank every lyric, every note, every movement in the music.

I went through two kinds of reactions when I first heard it all (and overcame the fan stage of just basically almost crying of happiness over new music from my favorite band):

  • STEP ONE: thoughts were all mixed up, I was questioning if I liked it because it was All Time Low or because it was good.
  • STEP TWO: I figured « yeah, it’s good, I like it ! »

It definitely changes. I mean, obviously with the mellow start, smooth guitar and Alex’s voice, of course it was bound to have me in its pocket right in the first second it started playing.

And then came over the little « pop-y » notes and voice effects. I thought to myself « Yeah ok, they’re changing but it’s good, they’re evolving ». I wasn’t feeling too hot about it at first, I’ll admit. I liked it, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Thinking of ATL, I always expect pop-punk riffs, guitars a little heavier, and a little less electronic drums.

But when comes the bridge, clearly you can hear good ol’ ATL back, with a guitar solo (perfectly executed by Jack) and comes in a heavier chorus where Alex’s voice explode at its most amazing pitch and music like we were waiting for.


Con: as I’ve previously stated, it changes. I’m scared when my favorite band starts changing too much, cause then I’m afraid they’ll change the whole outcome of the band and the whole new record in itself. It’s different and different can scare people sometimes.

Pro: Good hook in the chorus. After listening to it, I’d find myself humming the chorus without even noticing, just because it STICKS. And the build up to the bridge and final chorus isn’t that long once you’ve learnt how to like the song.

Altogether, this song proves how much the band’s progressed over the years and has evolved. Some like it (I’m amongst those) and some don’t. But wherever you feel you are, rest assured that new All Time Low’s on its way and THAT is the real deal you need to look forward to !

Last Young Renegade comes out June 2nd 2017 ! Get ready people !


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  1. Can’t agree more with everything you said!

    1. THANK YOU !

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