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I first discovered As It Is when I found out they were signed to Fearless Records. Honestly: COULDN’T HAVE THOUGHT OF A BETTER IDEA.

Never Happy, Ever After came out in 2015, and it easily became one of my most played record that year. We’d always been hearing different and various things in the music scene, but there was just something with them… something fresh, something new !
And I was right !
(Just for the sake of it, here’s a look into the first single off Never Happy, Ever After and the one that won over my heart)

After a successful first album, and a deluxe edition out a year later, we were all expecting new music from the band, looking forward to that yet again new fresh sound !

And they came, and gave us just what we wanted !

There are few albums that I can listen, from beginning to end, without skipping at least one song, and friends, THEY MADE IT HAPPEN.

Earlier this year, As It Is granted us the gift of OKAY.

The first single off the new record came out sometime September 22, with the leading song-title track of the album OKAY.
It quickly escalated into one of the songs who never left any of my playlists. My gym playlist, my car-ride playlist, my simple everyday playlist. The song is THAT good yeah !

Shortly after, came out Pretty Little Distance and with that, a music video !
What I love the most, besides the obvious catchy song, is the fact that they’ve shot the video as an ode to the 50’s with current dressing. This could easily pass as Back To The Future’s dance scene from the first movie.
I was conquered from the start, but all this adding up, led me to expect great things from the upcoming album.

Soap was the third and last single to be released before the band’s decision to publish a song per day, one week prior to the release of the full album. (I admit, I wanted to keep the surprise of discovering the full album once it came out so I didn’t listen to a single song before the official release date).

Altogether, there is nothing big to say about this album… EXCEPT THAT IT’S A FREAKING AWESOME ALBUM.

Every song is perfectly coordinated as to compliment the next one. The artwork and ambiance of it in itself reminds of the 1950’s purposely, as to contrast the lightness, happiness in the music, yet talk about dark subjects such as depression, anxiety, heartbreak, brotherly relationship.
What I like the most about this album, is that it basically plays itself and you won’t be able to put it down !

I always look at 3 things when I usually listen to an album from start to finish:
– The first track (which will set the tone for the rest of the record)
– If there is a slow/mellow/soft song (always gets me)
– The final closing track

The two final tracks on this album are more than fulfilling when it comes to a good closing. The Coast Is Where Home Is made it to the list of my favorite songs by As It Is, and the ultimate song Still Remembering easily made it to the list of some of my most played songs since the beginning of the year (and I know we’re barely two months into 2017). It has everything you need: great lyrics, powerful melody, a catchy chorus that’ll make you want to scream it out loud, an acoustic vibe, and a theme we all know too well: heartbreak.

I’ve actually asked one of my best friends, whom I share common taste in music with, to select 3 songs.
Marjorie (that’s my friend haha) chose Hey Rachel, Still Remembering and Austen.
When I asked her to tell me why she chose those 3 songs especially, here’s what she told me:
Hey Rachel: What fascinates me with this song, is not only the theme, being an open letter apologizing to his sister, but also how it changes from the usual topics that bands write about. It’s amazing !
Still Remembering: every good album needs a slow song, kinda cheesy but not too much also. This one in particular talks not only about the ups in a relationship, but also the downs. I find it to be “real”. True to reality. Not creating too much of a fairy tail happy ending, but just telling us a story as it is (see what I did there ?)
Austen: I wouldn’t know how to exactly describe it. It’s one of those songs that haunts you, sticks with you. One of those song where you remember exactly the first time you heard it, where you were, what you were doing, when was it, your reaction when you heard it… I was out of this world for a sec, it moved me ans got me someplace else !

The album marked the start of a good year musically, and I’m glad As It Is led the way into the great things to come !




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