About Me/the Blog


Why “Tom’s Room” ?
Because my name is Tom (obviously), and I wanted the blog to have a sort of private, intimate ring.
Plus, my room is my world. It’s shaped accordingly to my person. And I want to be able to talk freely about everything and anything I want.

The Blog
This blog will mostly be about music. I love sharing music I listen to, discover new songs and bands, concert reviews, points of views. Anything and everything about music ! These will be my personal points of views, I’m not paid to say anything, ALL POINTS OF VIEWS WILL BE MY OWN.
I will also talk about movies I’ve seen, tv shows I’ve had a crush on and binged on Netflix, or simply every-day life ! I live in a little town somewhere in France (and that way I’ve always felt like Belle in Beauty And The Beast haha) and I love to travel so I’ll post as many vlogs and reviews and reports as I can !

I listen to music basically 24/7 (yes, I can’t even go to sleep without listening to music).

I’m holding on to posting at least 3 posts a week so that way I keep you all updated regarding new bands, new music from your already-favorite bands, and some other topics like movies, tv shows, travels etc.

Social Medias
Like most people nowadays, I admit, I’m WAY too addicted to social medias. And you can basically find me on all social medias under the username Frenchtom34 (including snapchat) but here’s a short link below to go directly to my pages 😉



How To Contact Me
You can email me at welcometotomsroom (@) gmail.com (without the parenthesis and the spaces).
Or you can follow me on my social medias and we’ll communicate through there ! Feel free to hit me up if you have any bands you’d like to suggest, or any song you’d like me to listen to help me broaden my horizons !

welcometotomsroom (@) gmail . com